Delivering value..every time

Enabling Path to your true potential

q-Maxim is a boutique consulting firm with difference, focussed on diagnosing and finding creative solutions for organisational transformation. Firm’s speciality is small and  medium enterprises and govt. sector. The firm has deep expertise in mentoring organisations / entrepreneurs to reach their true potential.

In the manufacturing sector, firm has good domain knowledge of issues metallurgical industries especially primary Aluminium.  The firm has network of consultants with hundreds of man years of experience in its area of expertise in India and abroad.

Who we are



Enable organizations to reach their true potential by identification of waste & lost opportunities and facilitate in implementation of opportunities for transformation. We are particularly focused on small to medium enterprises.


Customer focus – to delight customers consistently

Employee empowerment – in order to exceed customer expectations every time

Excellence - to strive for excellence in every     aspect of operations