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We have expertise in number of areas . Brief description of each of these areas appears below:

Waste reduction, process mapping, process/ system development, efficiency improvement, process improvement/ management.

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Basic system improvement, waredreductionredrereredredoperationawwsexcellence

Mentor teams in generation and implementation of new ideas by schemes such as suggestion scheme SRS as well as methodologies such as TRIZ

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Systematic Innovation ,

Waste reduction and strategic cost optimization following systematic proprietary approach based on McKinsey, Juran and six sigma etc. Organizations have realized millions of Dollars in savings using this approach.

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Cost optimization

Design and develop holistic organizational quality strategy based on business excellence model (EFQM) using quality philosophy based on TQM. Also includes competency in development of Vision of organizations CSFs and KPIs.

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Organizational Quality Strategy , Vision & mission


Email: info@qmaxim.com