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We have expertise in number of areas . Brief description of each of these areas appears below:

Assessing the organizations using EFQM model and proprietary methodology and guiding them in reaching their true improvement potential

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Business excellence

Assist organizations in improving their quality and efficiency by using lean, Juran and six sigma methodologies, Techniques used such as Taguchi DOE, 5s,Kaizen events, value stream mapping, SPC, DOE, etc

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Systematic continuous improvement

Complete ecosystem of primary Aluminium which includes raw materials, cast house technologies, product development, process development, quality, Metallurgy, process control, standards, customer support, cost saving etc

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Aluminum & other metals

Welding product design, process design, R+D, testing, approval, applications, problem solving Ferrous and Non ferrous Metallurgy ,etc

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Welding technology

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